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Assignment 301 Principles of communication in adult social care settings Task A Ai) To get their needs across To express their feelings and emotions To maintain relationships. To ask questions. Aii) Effective communication is very important in the development of relationships within social care. It allows people to express their feeling and needs to one another and feel like they are being listened to. For example a service user who is being abused may communicate to a carer on what is happening. By using effective communication the carer can listen carefully to what the service user has to say and take the correct steps to deal with the situation in hand and help the service user feel safe and that they have been listened to. Another example would be a best interest meeting where a group of professionals and a service user and their family would discuss for instance where they would like to live. Effective communication is vital here for all so that professionals can explain to each other what they think would be the best placement. Different styles of communication may be used here, if the service user could not speak but could express her feelings through sign language this would need to communicated to all so that everyone could know where she would like to live. An advocate could also be used in this instance, this could be a member of family or from an independent outside source. Aiii) Awareness – observing service users and being aware of the individual you are communicating too, if the information is being received, you can look for non-verbal clues that may indicate the recipients interests and understanding.By tuning to the recipients emotional responses to your words, this can indicate that what you are saying is being received in a positive way or not. You can change and adapt the way you say something in order to clarify your meaning

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