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Identifying Effects of ICT on the Individual 1. Internet – Email Description of Technology and How It Is Used • Email otherwise known as electronic mail, is a way of sending a message via a computer or another device to another computer or a device using the internet. It is used to make accessing people easier instead of writing letters, which take time to get to there destination. Whereas, an email gets to the computer instantly. You can send emails using different programmes for example: Yahoo, Google and Microsoft. When making an email address it will always include a @ sign for example: yourname@hotmail.co.uk. You can send email through many different ways for example you can access your email on tablets, mobile phones and laptops. Advantages • It is cheaper to use email compared to sending a letter. For example, if you were to send a letter to someone abroad it could cost you between £5-£10 with Email it is free. • You can send files, photos and other attachments without worrying about them getting ruined. For example, you can send photos of when you’re on holiday to relatives at home using email. • If it’s an urgent message, then if you use email the message can be sent in one second, compared to a letter which could take a few days. For example, if a business manager had to get in contact with an employee to go to an emergency meeting; instead of sending a letter which could take longer using email he could send the message in minutes. • Email is easily accessible, if you go on holiday, if you’re able to get hold of a computer or if you have a wireless device then you can access email anywhere. For example, if you needed to contact someone urgently if your have a phone, tablet or near an internet café it is that easy to contact someone via email. • Also, if you’re having a wedding for example and you need to send

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