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Unit – HSC3029 1.1 The importance of meeting an individual’s communication need is so that the individual has a say in what going on regarding their care. This is also to allow the individual to feel significant. When a communication barrier occurs and is not met accordingly then this can leave the individual feeling low and as they don’t have a say on what they want or what care they receive. Communication also allows us to know if somebody is in pain which is important and the barriers need to be reduced as quickly as possible when it comes to caring for somebody. Just because somebody has difficulties with language or words does not mean they do not know what they want. There are many different types of communication that can be used to break barriers down. Some techniques could be: sign language, picture cards, options which can be pointed at, pain charts, body language or writing things down. 1.2 An individual who has specific communication needs can sometimes be a challenging task to overcome the boundaries. Your own role and practice can impact on the communication level with the individual as the longer you spend around people the more aware of their needs. You also get to know each other and how to communicate, Different signs or words which they may use. Different tells on how they feel or what they might want. And you find ways of communication which suit each other. 1.3 Features of the environment that may help communication: * Good lighting * Good temperature * Colours * Signs Features of the environment that may hinder communication: * Noise levels of the environment. Are they conducive to communication if an individual is hard of hearing. * Poor lighting, * Lack of privacy * Distractions of surroundings * Bad temperature 1.4 Reasons an individual may use a form of communication which is not based on a

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