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Dear Holly, I hope you are well. I miss you a lot. It has been a ridiculously great amount of time since we last caught up, but I hope your doing just fine. The reason I am writing to you today, is because I want you to come and visit a very special place to me that’s very close to my heart. I would like to take a trip to an island called Nevis with me. It’s the first holiday that I had been on with my family and it has been many years since I’ve gone back. It was one of the most beautiful places that I have ever witnessed in my life. I remember arriving there at 4am. My younger brother was so excited to be there he made the whole family go out at the early hours of the morning to find the beach. Of course, we had only arrived and had no idea where it was. We walked for hours not realising that we were only going round in circles, so we decided to head back to the hotel and find it in the morning. We did not sleep much at all, by the time we got to the hotel and settled, it was already morning and even though we were all shattered, we were all up and still excited to go and explore. After hours of wandering around the beautiful Island, we found the beach. There were glistening gold blankets of sand spread across beach floor. We made our way to find a suitable spot to place our towels down to take a place next to the sea of sunbathers. The warm breeze carried the scent of salt from the calm, blue sea. I had never felt so calm in my life. And I was beside the most precious people in my life. My mother and I sat and spoke for hours, occasionally spotting the attractive male here and there and giggling to ourselves as my brother and father splashed each other in the sea. Oh, I would do anything to relive those memories once again, with the presence of my parents around me. It has been so hard for me to deal with the fact that they are no longer there for me and

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