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“Great films often hinge on the successful presentation of one or two key scenes.” To what extent do you agree with the view? Discuss this idea with reference to one or more films. The film Heavenly Creatures, directed by Peter Jackson is based on a true New Zealand story. The successful presentation of the opening and the ending scenes shows how Jackson has developed the change of the girls over a period of time. This shows the rapid change of how the girls came to murder one of their parents. Jackson uses the interworking of the ending and opening to link the scenes together. This conveys reality and fantasy including setting, casting, costuming, distortion, aural bridges and imagery. The setting of this film in the opening scenes is very realistic. It is set in the 1950’s in Christchurch. Jackson uses the technique of a documentary at the beginning to show the reality of it being set in Christchurch. This is very effective because during this scene there is an aural bridge to the day of the murder. At this point there is a point of view camera shots are shown to show the girls running though victoria Park. This makes it look from the point of view of Juliet and Pauline who are running from their murder. A hand held camera is used to make the viewer feel that it is real – they are themselves running though Victoria Park. The location of the beginning of the film is actual locations in Christchurch. Jackson shows these to add to the realism. There are plenty of shows of Christchurch Girls’ High School with girls filing out in school uniform. This is where Juliet and Pauline first meet and become friends. Some scenes where shot inside Ilam, which is where the Hulmes lived before the murder. The different voices put on and the acting of the girls showed us that this movie is based on the past, which made the film more realistic. Pauline is shy and plump.

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