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the middle class children were supported by intellectual development. Bernstein said that the working class parents use ‘T.V’s as babysitters’. As the middle class are already intellectually developed before they commence school they are able to recite the alphabet and then at school can begin writing stories for example whereas the working class children are not intellectually developed and therefore they have to start school by learning the alphabet. This shows the middle class already start school with an advantage over the working class and as a result some would say this contributes to the factor that depending on the class you are this will determine how well you do at school. Bereiter and Englemann stated that the working class language is limited and consists of a lot of slang, speaking with no context, this is the restricted code. Whereas the middle class do give context in their speech, have a broader they have to do to complete tasks given and ultimately don’t do well at school as they don’t understand what the teacher is saying. This leaves the working class at a disadvantage. Another external factor some sociologists associate with differences in social class in educational achievement is the cultural deprivation of attitudes and values. Douglas said working class parents and children place more value on education than the working class. Sugarmann goes on to tell the four values the working class internalise which results in them not doing well at school. Firstly fatalism, this is the idea that the working class believe whatever will be will be, carried out a field experiment where they went into a school, told they teachers they had carried out special tests on the students to determine the ‘spurters’ of the group, these were the students who in the next year were going to make great academic progress. In actual fact Rosenthal and Jacobson had

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