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HEALTH AND WELLNESS Defining Health and Wellness HEALTH AND WELLNESS Defining Health and Wellness There are many definitions of health and wellness. The simplest definition of health is “absence of sickness” (Kozier, 2010) however; it is more complicated to define health in terms of wellness. Health and wellbeing means is not just the lack of physical mental or intellectual sickness but also the presence of behaviors beneficial to health and wellbeing such as diet, exercise, and having a positive attitude. The concept of health and wellbeing addresses how physical mental and intellectual health relate to each other as well as relating to a person’s overall lifestyle and way of thinking. In terms of nursing health and wellness focuses attention on the overall wellbeing of the individual rather than just the illness or injury that they may be experiencing at the time. Health and wellbeing can be as simple or as complicated as people make it. Some people see leading a healthy lifestyle and having positive health and wellbeing as part of their overall lifestyle. They are not motivated by praise, financial rewards, or other external rewards. Seifert et al (2012) suggest that these individuals have powerful intrinsic motivation in regards to health and wellness. Those that are motivated by external factors are rarely successful in maintaining health and wellness. The other issue in defining health and wellness is determining what it means at the individual level since many people participate in guided health promotion programs that offer a preset definition for health and wellness that many people simply choose to accept rather than developing their own understanding of health and wellness. HEALTH AND WELLNESS Seifert et al (2012) suggest that a good health

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