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The ‘Voice’. You may adore it; you may despise it. Well guess what I love ‘The Voice’. Never even heard of it? Then I’ll give you some insight into it. The ‘Voice’ is a British television talent show, based on ‘The Voice Of Holland’, which was created by Dutch television producer; John De Mol. Want to know more? Ok. The enticing show has four stimulating and appealing judges to judge. The incredible Judges are: Danny O’Donoghue who is absolutely good-looking; there’s Jessie J who sings extremely flawlessly; the legend Sir Tom Jones, and last but not least Will.i.am who is hilarious! As you’ve probably noticed the judges are singers from a wide range of music genres. Unlike the ‘X-Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent` which have singers as well as producers and executive producers. Omg! Do you guys know who the hosts are? Well, let me tell you. One of the hosts is Reggie Yates who is an absolute stunner. Don’t you think girls? And on the other hand there’s Holly Willoughby who I'm not fond of much, yet she’s alright. So, you must be wondering why I think so highly of the ‘Voice’. Well, mainly because it’s different compared to all the other pointless talent shows! In addition, ‘The Voice’ is judged based on their voice and not accordingly to their appearance as the auditions are ‘blind auditions’ meaning that the judges backs are turned towards the contestant, so that they can’t see who’s singing, which I think is superior! Thus, if the judges liked the voice they would BUZZ to see who’s behind the talented voice if there was more than one judge that buzzed the contestants got to choose who they want as a mentor throughout the competition. This, I think is the most thrilling part of the auditions to see who the contestant picks as a mentor. Personally I’d pick Will.i.am as he is one of my favourite artists and can sing all types of genres! Who would you pick?

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