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Executive Summary Purpose: This report analyses and assesses Honda Motor Co’s current strategy within its automobile segment, as well as its challenges in light of recent disasters and recalls in order to make recommendations for the future. Method: Using different strategic frameworks, the Japanese automobile industry has been analysed to determine the different forces driving the industry. An understanding of the automobile industry allows for a further strategic analysis of Honda’s competitors, consumers, market as well as its resources and capabilities. Within the analysis, strengths, and weaknesses are identified in addition to strategic opportunities for Honda to develop and maintain its leading position within the automobile industry. Findings: A number of challenges affecting the industry and Honda in particular are identified. These include worldwide recalls of its faulty Fit model which resulted in the death of a civilian customer. In addition, the natural disasters (earthquake and tsunami) which recently occurred in Japan, have affected the industry, causing a decrease in production due to lack of necessary resources such as electricity and certain automobile parts. The report shows that despite these setbacks, Honda still identifies as one of the top three automotive producers in Japan, along with Toyota and Nissan. Conclusion: Prior to the natural disaster that devastated the country, Honda Motor Co’s strategy was solid and was instrumental in securing and maintaining their top position in the auto industry. With recent developments however, there is a necessity for Honda to consider other approaches to doing business if they want to maintain their current position and recover any losses. Recommendations: In light of the analysis conducted recommendations to address immediate production strategy issues include a transfer of domestic

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