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Rebecca davies Danielle byrne Cyp core 3.3 understand how to safeguard the well being Of children and young people 1.1 outline current legislations guidelines, policies, and procedures within own uk home nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people. Any individual group or organisation working with children needs to understand current legaslations guidance recommended policy and procedures about safeguarding children. The aim of these documents and procedures is to promote good practice and to ensure that everyone involved with children . understand their personal responabilities for protecting the children they work with . also to take appropriate action if there are suggesions that a child is being abused. And that you are informed and able to respond in a supportive manner to any child who alleges or discloses that abuse is happening .also take steps to minamise for misunderstanding by following a code of conduct. There is a considerable body of legislation desighned to ensure that children and yound people are protected .The main legislation on which this policy is based includes. THE CHILDREN ACT 1989: The intention of the child act 1989 is to protect children and ensure that their welfare is paramount . it makes local authorities responsible for insuring that this happens by working toghether with all relavant agencies . the act states that only social workers, and the caf and nspcc have the legal right and responability to investigate concerns about child abuse. THE CHILDRENS ACT 2004: This act provides a legislative spine for a wider government strategy for improving childrens lives under the every child matters –change for childrens agenda , this covers the unerversal services

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