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This report will discuss the influence of my own and other team members within my organisation Garbutt & Elliott. The main criteria of the report will focus on Pay methods, distribution methods, payroll outputs, different types of audit, management information / design and distribution and quality standards. The report will look in details at the behaviours and actions of individuals and groups within Garbutt & Elliott using different theories or styles and weather they are appropriate or not within the situation they are used in. The strengths and weaknesses of these examples will be investigated with suggestions of possible and better alternative theories. I am currently employed by Garbutt & Elliott, the company is a chartered accountants and my role is within the Payroll Bureau as a Payroll Executive. The Payroll Team is made up of 5 employees, the manager, two payroll executives and two payroll trainees. We all have a portfolio of between 50-70 clients consisting of weekly, two weekly, four weekly and monthly paid employees between 1-250. We also liase between different departments within the company such as accounts, audit and the pension department and externial clients such as the HMRC etc. Payroll is the process used to pay employees accurately and on time. The most obvious job of payroll is to issue payment to employees, but few employees understand how complicated this task can be. This sometimes leading to a breakdown in relations. The clients within the Garbutt & Elliott payroll bureau have various ways of paying their employee’s, types of payment methods used are Cash, Cheque, Chaps and Bacs (Bankers Automated Clearing Services) 1”More than 2,500 years after the first use of coins as payment tokens and over 300 years since the first Bank of England banknotes were issued, cash remains the most common payment method” This may

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