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Year 10 History: American Civil Rights Movement Assessment task 1: You are required to write 700-900 word analytical essay that answers the following question: ‘Mississippi Burning provides an accurate and reliable source of evidence for the American civil rights movement.’ Discuss You are to investigate and comment on whether Mississippi Burning is a true representation of the American Civil Rights Movement. Each paragraph should focus on a key idea. Some ideas could include; Klu Klux Klan, segregation, passive protesting, active protesting, the role of the FBI in the case and plot inaccuracies. To help you write your essay consider following this structure for each body paragraph: Topic Sentence | Introduce your key idea and state your contention. That is, whether you think the representation from the film was accurate or not. | Representation from Mississippi Burning | Use an example from the film ‘Mississippi Burning’ to highlight how your key idea was represented in the film. | Accurate piece of evidence from the American civil rights movement | Use your own knowledge, primary and secondary sources to highlight the historical fact behind your key idea. | Discussion of accuracy | Discuss the pieces of evidence and evaluate Mississippi Burning’s accuracy. | Link | Link your discussion back to your contention in your topic sentence and the question. | Criteria | VH 5 | H 4 | M 3 | L 2 | VL 1 | NS 0 | Ideas and content | 1. Understanding of the historical, political and social contexts of the Civil Rights Movement. | | | | | | | 2. Analysis of contrasting and alternative representations of key events and understandings in Mississippi Burning. | | | | | | | 3. Evaluating the historical accuracy of Mississippi Burning. | | | | | | | Structure | 4. Follows a logically sequenced and

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