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While baseball and soccer share many different characteristics, they are very different sports. Even though both sports are played outdoors, baseball is played on a diamond, and soccer is played on a rectangle field. Baseball and soccer are very much alike, but at the same time are very different. There are many reasons why these two sports are alike. One of the reasons that baseball and soccer are alike is that they both wear uniforms. There are many reasons teams wear uniforms. We would have a hard time following what team each player is on, and what the name of the player is, as most sports move really quickly. Each of the player’s names is listed on the back of their uniforms to help us determine who they are. Also, each player is given a number to help identify the players from a distance. Both sports require their players to wear cleats. The main reason the players wear cleats to get a better traction on the field. There are many different brands when it comes to cleats, so there is not one designated designer for each sport. Baseball and soccer are also both sports that play with a ball. Both of the balls are spherical in shape. In both sports the ball is emitted into the air in order to score. Another reason they are alike is that both sports are loved in America. People travel great distances to cheer on their favorite teams. The games can be quite expensive if the team is doing really well that season, or if they are ranked highly. They are great for getting together with friends and family, or to just enjoy from your television at home to see their favorite team battle to be the best. Both sports are played in a stadium setting where fans can sit in the bleachers looking down on the field. They both have concession stand like food; hotdogs, pretzels, soft drinks, and beer stands. Both sports have professional major league teams that play the sport for a

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