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Evaluative analysis- Pitch and Pre-production Out line, the main points you have learnt about the main study areas of film from your production: • Industry • Genre • Narrative • Representation • Audiences For my film studies coursework I decided that I was going to produce a magazine aimed at film and cinema fans of both genders, ranging from young teens to older adults. I wanted my magazine to be entertaining, fun, but also relaxing. However, I still wanted it to be informative on up and coming films. I decided to create a front cover and double page spread that include the codes and conventions of film magazines, whilst also making my magazine stand out from those that already exists on the market. In this supporting account, I will look at the process I went through whilst creating my magazine, including planning, research, construction, and evaluation. Before I began to create my magazine, I carried out some secondary research into similar products. I studied a few other film magazines, analysed, and deconstructed them; I was mainly looking for any techniques, and forms to improve the appearance of my magazine. It helped me a lot doing this as it allowed me produce a realistic looking magazine. I then created some rough sketches of what I wanted my front cover and double page contents to look like, using motivation from the other film magazine I analysed. This made it easier for me as I could plan exactly what I wanted to include on my front cover and double page spread. I also planned what colours I wanted to use, out of all the colours I chose to use blue, white, and black. I chose blue as it represented the emotion of my overall film, sadness and loneliness but also relaxation and peace. I chose white as it matched the outfit of one of my models on my magazine and also represented peace which made it match nicely with the

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