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Society and Culture Study Notes ½ Yearly Exams 2004 Methodologies Survey Features • Combines observation, interview and/or a written list of questions • Uses representative samples of specific populations • Can be done in large numbers Advantages • Large sample=less bias • Easy to calculate • Able to ensure anonymity = more honest answers • Quick to answer • Provide lots of information Disadvantages • No assurance of honesty • No way if knowing the questions were understood • Standardised form may restrict people Statistical Analysis Features • Examines the data generated from questionnaires or secondary research • Enables you to make generalisations and describe trends • May involve graphs and charts Advantages • Complements qualitative research • May be beneficial Disadvantages • The strength of the analysis is linked to the quality of the questionnaire • Collating information could be difficult Content Analysis Features • Systematic process for examining the subject matter of a source of information to obtain justifiable and reliable information • Method of summarising any form of content by counting various aspects of the content • Interprets hidden meanings and trends in common media types • Sources of info include textbooks, novels, TV, internet sites etc Advantages • Provides quantitative date to supplement research • Can be used on a wide range of media Disadvantages • Difficult to design Questionnaire Features • A collection of questions related to a specific topic that you distribute to a sample of respondents • Can include open and closed questions • Make sure you -relate questions to hypothesis -do not use unclear questions -avoid emotion in questions

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