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Case study science Great Global Warming Swindle “Are human beings responsible for global warming?” Name: Professor Tim Ball Job: Department of Climatology Company: University of Winnipeg "What's wrong with global warming? There are lots of positive benefits to global warming."[1] Tim Ball is saying we shouldn’t be scared of Global warming, it’s not all bad. It has some positive effects. But he is not saying whether we are responsible or not for it. This could suggest he is for global warming as he isn’t too worried about it. I would suggest he is not reliable as his quote isn’t scientific. 1. Dr. Tim Ball on CFC's and the Sponsorship Scandal," DeSmogBlog, June 7, 2006. http://www.desmogblog.com/node/1272 Name: Professor Nir Shaviv Job: Institute of Physics Company: University of Jerusalem “CO2 causing climate change” Name: Lord Lawson of Blaby Job: N/A Company: N/A Name: Professor Ian Clark Job: Deputy of Earth Science Company: University of Ottawn Name: Dr. Piers Corbyn Job: Climate forecaster Company: Weather action He is a weather man who predicts weather. Uses the sun to predict the weather. Name: Professor John Christie Job: Lead Author Company: IPCC – international panel for climate change. Name: Patrick Moore Job: Co Founder Company: Greenpeace Name: Professor Phillip Stott Name: Professor Patrick Michaels Quotes from ‘Great Global warming swindle’ * More Carbon Dioxide (CO2) coming from volcanoes. Not from Factories. * Humans are not the reason for CO2 * Oceans are so big they take up years to cool down and warm

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