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Cats and Dogs Cats and Dogs Artrice Dykes English 121 Steve McKenna October 10, 2011 In the past 50 years the two most popular house pets are cats and dogs. Dogs are great because of the companionship and for cats it is because there so quite and easy to get along with. They both have similarities and they have their differences. Cats and dogs may both be taught different behaviors in different ways. Dogs depend on humans, they will follow their owner everywhere and will do what they can to please them . Some dogs suffer with separation anxiety when left alone. They cannot be left alone for a long time because they will need to be fed, sent out to pass their bowels, and to urinate. When it comes down to cats and their dependency cats are very independent. You can go to work for 8 to12 hours straight and your cat may not miss you or at least it will not show much commotion when you leave or return.. Cats will entertain themselves and cater to their own needs. Cats and dogs both depends on their owner to feed them unless they are a stray dog or cat. If they are a stray dog or cat, they get it the best way they could and will be all in your trash can at night. Dogs are known for being loyal eager to please, and friendly towards their owners. Cats are not as eager to please as dogs are since they are not pack animals. Cats understand much more than they let on. My

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