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Miss Essay

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  • on September 17, 2011
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The average woman’s relationships with her family members are still one of many issues being discussed today. Women are also discriminated in environments such as workplaces.
Moving back to 1788, to the arrival of the first fleet whereby 191 female convicts were brought, were mainly at ages of 20. Women who could not marry were sent to ‘female factories’. Colonial women had occupations such as shopkeeping, running inns and boarding houses. Single lower-middle-class women worked as governesses. Middle-class women managed large households, servants and bookkeeping and women of higher social class were not permitted to work. Women were treated as if they were a tangible item you could use and give away. The legal system did not either recognise women as humans but rather   as property.During the post-industrial revolution period, women’s work was generally downgraded and was always kept separate from men’s. They were classed as ‘temporary’ snd their vocation, prefferably, was a wife and mother.
In 1907, a case known as the Harvester case was heard. In this case, Justice Higgins developed the concept of a basic wage based on what was sufficient for a man to keep a wife and three children housed and fed. Only fifty-two years later did the government amend the way females received pay by enacting the Industrial Arbitration (Female Rates) Amendment Act 1959 (NSW). This act applied the principle of equal pay for males and females who perform work of the same or similar nature. The huge drawback of this was that it only applied to workplaces mainly occupied by men. This did not have a great effect as most women missed out because they were in jobs that were preffered for women. In 1984 the government enacted the Sex Discrimination Act (Cwlth). This act prohibited women from being discriminated based on gender, marital status or pregnancy. This act’s main intention was to ‘even out the playing field’ but however has resulted in reverse discrimination. Furthermore, to...

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