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TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents 2 Problem Statement 3 Situation Analysis 3 Objectives and goals 3 Background and forecast 3 SWOT Analysis 3 Market Analysis 4 Segment Analysis 5 Competition Analysis 5 Financial analysis 6 Case Keys 6 Key success factors 6 Key uncertainties 6 Alternative Analysis 6 Recommendations 8 Action Plan 8 Contigency Plan 8 Problem Statement Kirsten Dunleavy, brand manager for Unilever’s Dove line, must develop the second phase of the re-launch of the recently revived Dove beauty products and get senior management’s approval. This includes media, communication, promotional work, strategy and prediction of future competitor behavior and reactions. Situation Analysis Company Objective and Goals • Continue to increase market share and sales • Develop an outstanding marketing campaign • Retain the functional strength of the brands Company Background and Forecast Unilever was one of the largest consumer products companies with annual revenues of approximately $50 billion and a staff of 250,000. The company carries four main product lines: Cooking and Eating, Beauty and Style, Healthy Living, and Around the House. Unilever employed a global marketing strategy to suit individual cultures and the unique requirements of its subsidiaries. The branding policies were recently modified to emphasize product brand names. Dove is a product line under Unilever; it includes body wash, facial cleansers, moisturizers, deodorants and hair care products. In 2005, revenues from Dove line were $3 billion. Sales of Dove line were in decline in 2003. Dove’s brand image was felt dated and old-fashioned. In September 2004, Unilever successfully launched a new value-based, emotionally appealing marketing campaign--- Dove Campaign for Real

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