Miseducation Essay

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1 In the Introduction to Chomsky on MisEducation, Donald Macedo argues and addresses many of Noam Chomsky’s issues on Democracy and education. He makes many claims and provides great support for his argument. Macedo argues on Chomsky’s claim, Chomsky refers democracy as, “a system of government in which elite element based in the business community control the state by virtue of their dominance of the private society, while the population observes quietly.” (pg.1)He states how popular involvement in the formation of public policy is a great threat. Macedo backs Chomsky’s theory with writing about the Trilateral Commision. This commission was created in response to the general democratic participation of masses of people in the world that questioned their government’s ethical behavior. This Commission stresses schools are seen as ideological institutions, which is said to prevent the so-called crisis of democracy. They referred to schools as “Institutions for the Indoctrination of the young. This led Macedo to argue on behalf of Chomksy statement, “Institution for Indoctrination” in other words would mean, “for imposing obedience, for blocking the possibility of independent thought, and they play an institutional role in a system of control and coercion.” (pg.2) Creating a commission just to defend these so called accusations, strongly suggest the dominance of democracy. 2 Macedo claims that America schools do not encourage independent thinking and are more interested in playing an institutional role in a system of control, by teaching the virtues of democracy.(pg.1) He states, United States is not a system that encourages independent thought and critical thinking. (pg.3)Macedo argues, schools are based more on a mechanical approach, and less of an

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