Mise en scne Analysis: A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Mise en scène: A Series of Unfortunate Events The movie, A Series of Unfortunate Events was directed by Brad Silberling and based on Daniel Handler’s novel. Silberling’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is said to have much similarity to Tim Burton’s preoccupation of dark and sinister mise en scène. One of the scenes that is chosen for analysis, is set in Uncle Monty’s house. As the children walked through the entrance garden, they noticed several green gigantic snake marble statues. The garden was big and well taken care of, green and some large bushes were shaped like serpents. The next scene, Uncle Monty appeared at the door, welcomely smiling with a yellow python around his neck. He was very keen to greet the children and positively showed interests in them. Uncle Monty looked at the kids with tenderness shown in his eyes. He had wavy white hair and beard which gives a stereotype of an obsessive scientist. He wore a mustard yellow suit and he carried a spy glass with him which represents his passion and curiosity for nature. These mise en scènes conveyed significant information to the audiences such as Uncle Monty’s reptile obsession. It also showed that Uncle Monty must be wealthy enough to effort all these decorations. However, snakes represent sinister forces, foreshadowing the next “unfortunate event”, which was Uncle Monty’s death. In the rest of the film, many aspects can be considered “eccentric”. For example, Aunt Josephine’s seaside home perching on the edge of the cliff and her extreme paranoid behaviors such as fear of her house burning down if she used heat to cook, instead she fed the children with cold lemon soup. The “odd” characters are somehow very imaginative. The sets in the movie are excellent, very dramatic with a Gothic like appearance. In addition, the film is shot in gloomy grey and brown tones
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