Mise En Scene (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) C Grade

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Mise En Scene – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The Body) - 800 words *Lighting *Editing Lighting The intensity, direction, and quality of lighting have a profound effect on the way an image is perceived. Light (and shade) can emphasise texture, shape, distance, mood, time of day or night, season, glamour; it affects the way colors are rendered, both in terms of hue and depth, and can focus attention on particular elements of the composition. Basically, when you talk about mise en scene, you do the following. 1) Make a point (such as the lighting in the shot is soft) 2. Offer an explanation as to why this is done/say what effect this has (eg The lighting reflects the naturalistic setting of the film and reduces shadows to create a dream-like appearance) and 3) Relate it back to the scene (eg The reduction in shadow helps create the dreamy appearance to reflect her high-energy state and to make the audience feel like they are living in a dreamy state). The Body is an episode from the American gothic television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, directed and written by Joss Wheddon. This specific episode is about Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) returning back home to find her mother; Joyce Summers (Kristine Summers), dead on a coach in her the living-room. The scene starts with Buffy casually entering her home; (from 00.25s) the camera always being at eye-level, starts from a medium close-up of Buffy walking towards her living-room. The eye-level shots of Buffy in a household environment, places the audience in her shoes and is symbolic to an average routine lifestyle, the background lighting has moderate-intensity to empathise the warmth and comfort of an ordinary home in what seems to be the afternoon; this section lasts five seconds before quickly merging into a close-up of Buffy’s face, this later reflects her shock from facial expressions, after she finds her
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