Misdirection and Propaganda in the Media

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ORAL: News as a source of ‘misdirection’ (News as a form of propaganda – with a focus on the US) Introduction: * Introduction to news and the role its purpose in society (communicating messages of world events – entertainment, source of shock and information – reflect beliefs) * Introduce sensationalism in the news: what it is, why the news is sensationalized (focusing on the profit incentive and ‘misdirection’ in the media (propaganda – referring to Chomsky’s idea of over emphasis on a particular story and the media’s way of completely ignoring stories that put domestic power interests in a negative light) * Introduce pairs of events that were objectively similar except for the alignment of domestic elite interests. Examples to attempt to show that in cases where an "official enemy" does something (like murder of a religious official), the press investigates thoroughly and devotes a great amount of coverage to the matter, thus victims of "enemy" states are considered "worthy". But when the domestic government or an ally does the same thing (or worse), the press downplays the story, thus victims of US or US client states are considered "unworthy." Lead to the focus on the US invasion of Iraq and The Gulf war) Body: * Give a framework on first example (US invasion of Iraq), describing the situation from all perspectives (against and pro US) show how the media voiced messages, molding public opinion to support the war. Show change in tone of US and non-US coverage. * In 2003, a study released by Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting stated the network news disproportionately focused on pro-war sources and left out many anti-war sources. According to the study, 64% of total sources were in favor of the Iraq War while total anti-war sources made up 10% of the media (only 3% of US sources were anti-war). The study stated "viewers were more
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