Mis589 Mini Case Week 2 Essay

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Text Book Questions and Mini-Cases Chapters 3 and 4 MIS589 - Networking Concepts and Applications Keller Graduate School of Management Date: XX/XX/XXXX Chapter 4 – Mini Case 1 Smith, Smith, Smith, and Smith Smith, Smith, Smith, and Smith are a regional accounting firm that is putting up a new headquarters building. The building will have a backbone network that connects eight LANs (two on each floor). The company is very concerned with network errors. What advice would you give regarding the design of the building and network cable planning that would help reduce network errors? My first piece of advice for Smith, Smith, Smith, and Smith (SSSS) is for them to take a look at the buildings layout during construction before they decide to place their network equipment and cabling. An understanding of where power cables are to be located can help them avoid errors like impulse noise which is caused by voltage running through adjacent lines. Knowing the layout of the building will also allow them to route communication and network lines away from heavy machinery or mechanical rooms. This will prevent machinery such as HVAC blowers, which continually turn on and off from causing spikes in voltage and creating impulse noise as well. Knowing where other communication lines are located in the building will allow them to reduce the likely hood of cross-talk which is caused by the proximity of lines carrying transmissions of higher signal strength or frequency. Once the building is done they can then avoid other errors by determining what type of transmission media the will be using in the building. If SSSS is using cabling they can avoid many errors such as, impulse noise, cross-talk, and intermodulation by choosing quality cabling with a high level of shielding. I would suggest that they use fiber optic cabling though it is expensive it offers greater speed

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