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Executive Summary Paragraph 1: Introduction (Why) NYC Learning center (NLC) provides private education to 8th through 12th grade students. We provide daytime and evening classes in Math, English, American history, Environmental health and Computer sciences. NLC offers both single-session courses as well as state approved certified programs. We are in the process of expanding our programs to accommodate more students. Moreover, the project includes updating our website provide an online scheduling system. Paragraph 2: Benefits and Risks (What) The proposed expansion will make our learning center more affordable and accessible to students across the 5 boroughs. The enhancement to our organizational website and database model will help us improve student services at marginal costs. Furthermore, this new system will allow our teachers to maintain higher educational standards through efficient management of time and information. Individual student will able to reach benefit from the session. Being a new institute no one knows who we are yet. Therefore, institute will stay tune ahead, because other competitor already Paragraph 3: Design (How) Our database design will include different multiple tables that contains rows and fields. This will be a relational database. Each table will have its own primary key, which will help to connect to each table when needed and also uniquely identify each table. In order to design the database we will use Microsoft access platform. We will use structured query language as the language to create, update, delete and modify the database. We will also normalize the database by following normalization rule. This will help to avoid any structure errors of tables. Paragraph 4: Timeline -Requirement collection and analysis – from the admission and registration of each students (oct.4,2013) - Entering data – creating of data by

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