Mis-En-Scene Analysis Life Aquatic

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The Mis-en-Scene in Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) reinforces the prominent theme of unity amongst the characters. By examining the four elements of mis-en-scene; setting, lighting, costuming, and characters behavior in the space, a sense of unambiguous unity between Steve Zissou (Murray) and his team will be established. The key elements of mis-en-scene each separately contribute to the film and play a fundamental role in the narrative as a whole. The setting in this particular still frame, and the scene as a whole, is significant because it is the physical basis of the scene upon which the frame is built on. Firstly, the fact that the scene is in shot in a studio allows for complete directors control. Many directors take this opportunity to create a realistic atmosphere whereas other directors, such as Wes Anderson in this case, take a different spin on it and create an unrealistic environment for the characters to function in. In this particular still frame, Wes Anderson has Zissou (Murray) and his team inside one of the ships submarines deep underwater. The color yellow is a color motif, recurring numerous times throughout the film. This color motif is reinforced in the exterior color of Zissou’s (Murray) submarine. The setting in this particular scene is a very small space in which the characters are crammed together but this idea of togetherness further enforces the theme of unity. Costuming is a significant element in a mis-en-scene film. It contributes to the totality of the film as well as acting as an imperative motif in the narrative. The costuming design used throughout the film establishes a sense of unity and teamwork throughout the film. Zissou’s (Murray) team uniform is consisted of a power blue jumpsuit and a red hat. In this particular frame, many of the characters, excluding Zissou (Murray), are not wearing there

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