Mis 589 Weekk 3 Mini Case

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MIS 589 – Week 3 Mini case Chapter 4 – Mini Cases (Smith, Smith, Smith, and Smith) Smith, Smith, Smith, and Smith is a regional accounting firm that is putting up a new headquarters building. The building will have a backbone network that connects eight LANs (two on each floor). The company is very concerned with network errors. What advice would you give regarding the design of the building and network cable planning that would help reduce network errors? My recommendation for the design of the building and network cable planning is that your company should not skimp on the quality of the wire purchased or the planning of wire placement. Network errors are unavoidable but there are measures that can be taken to reduce the number of errors that occur through the design of the network. Good network design will help to prevent, detect and correct corrupted and lost data. If it is within the budget, I would advise using fiber-optic cable over twisted-pair wire or coaxial cable throughout the entire network, as fiber is the least likely to suffer from noise. Also, fiber has the added advantage in its ability to carry large amounts of data at much faster rates than twisted-pair or coaxial cable. At the very least, I strongly recommend using fiber-optic cable for the backbone (BN), and using shielded twisted-pair for all work group cabling. Plan for the future by installing additional cables now, during the initial installation. The cost of cable is relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost to install that cable. Depending upon how quickly your organization grows, or adapts to new information technologies, as well as how networking technologies are changing – it makes so much more sense to have the additional cables already there waiting in case the organization decides to change to digital phones or a patch needs to be done. Noise is the largest

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