Mirror, Mirror Essay

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What is beauty? It seems that society has adopted a rather ugly idea of the word, but surely one cannot define beauty as a single look or idea. True beauty is found everywhere and not necessarily something you can touch or see; it’s something else. What people see in the media changes their reaction to what they see in themselves. When looking in a mirror, people can begin to overlook their greatness and focus in on their insecurities. The thought of standing out in a crowd and being yourself has been shut down by the media. Look at most magazines and there will be the smiling faces of “beautiful” people. What is it that makes these people beautiful? For America it could be the flawless skin and tiny figure. It could be those who are wearing the most expensive fashions or those who are the most accomplished. We start to think we need to be identical to them; we begin striving to have everything they have in order to enjoy life. Girls see negative and unreal body images splashed across the magazines they read, so they starve themselves until they match those images. The media is a mirror in which millions look into every day and what they end up seeing in the reflection is a life in imminent danger. Companies hide behind the masks of “beautiful” people in their advertisements to sell their products. Even as young children we are affected by the media. One of the first toys girls are presented with is a Barbie doll. As you look at the Barbie, supposedly one of the most beautiful dolls on the market, you find the media once again trying to portray to us the perfect, unattainable body type. With the incredibly tiny waists, and the feet built for high heels, girls decide that heels are what beautiful, more sophisticated women wear. As girls begin to get a bit older and start watching more adult movies and shows, they start to realize that there is more to being

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