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Mirror Image Essay

  • Submitted by: jriddik
  • on December 4, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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In today’s world, social status is often judged by the size of your clothes. Society encourages a tiny waist, and frowns on anyone bigger than a size six. The media sways people to pursue a lifestyle of starvation. Advertisers try to make viewers believe that they will not be happy unless they are a beautiful, size zero woman.   Signs of this “perfect body size” are all around.   Mannequins in the window of department stores, for example, stand as a six foot, size six model of “perfection.” Even Barbie, the ideal of the perfect woman, if scaled to live-size, would be six feet tall and a size four.   Not only are Barbie’s measurements unobtainable, but if scaled to size, she would not be able to stand on her own because she is so disproportional.   These deceptive pictures cause some people to develop harmful eating disorders, believing that it is the only way out of the unaccepted bodies they are trapped in. The media is not the only cause of eating disorders, however, and there is a multitude of facts that the public does not know about eating disorders. Not only does society not fully understand what eating disorders are and why patients have chosen the self-destructive life-style, but they are also unaware of the physical and psychological effects that eating disorders can have on their victims.
The first step in the long journey of trying to fully understand why eating disorder patient practice these obscure eating habits is to understand what an eating disorder is. Eating disorders have gone partially unrecognized until recent years, because of a rise in celebrity deaths from them (Boskind-White & White, 2000, p. 21).The increased awareness is partially due to a large market for products related to dieting and exercise that emerged in the twentieth century.   Some of these products portraying popularity as being youthful, muscular, and thin have a caused some to exercise and eat healthier, but other products triggered a new generation of half-starved individuals...

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