Miriam Essay

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3. Discuss the use of imagery and symbolism in “Miriam”. How do they help reinforce the theme? In the story “Miriam” Truman Capote uses many images and symbolism to signal coming change to the life of the main character Mrs. Miller. One example of coming change was quoted as “The snow was fine, falling gently, not yet making an impression on the pavement” (Capote 37). The use of snow as a symbol of something about to happen is not directly interpreted as that when one first starts reading this story. Once read a couple of times the significance of this symbol is finally understood. The significance of this quote tells us that although the snow falling was visible, it was not taken notice of by Mrs. Miller. The reason why Mrs Miller didn’t take notice of this was because “Her activities were seldom spontaneous” (37). She had lived her life very simply since the passing of her husband. The events happening to Mrs. Miller would denote a possibility of change in her life. She had very little interest and no friends to speak of. When she meets the little girl Miriam, her life takes a different step. Miriam the little girl could be seen as a god send for Mrs. Miller. She is what one would call a hidden message asking Mrs Miller to accomplish or do something with her life before death comes for her like he did for her husband. When Mrs. Miller first meets Miriam, she is taken aback by the outlook of Miriam. Miriam stood out from the rest of the crowd, Her hair was the longest and strangest Mrs. Miller had ever seen; absolutely white like an albino’s. It flowed waist-length in smooth, loose lines. She was thin and fragilely constructed. There was a simple, special elegance in the way she stood with her thumbs in the pockets of a tailored plum-velvet coat. (Capote 38) Mrs. Miller knew that Miriam was not an ordinary little girl from the
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