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The importance of miracles is that believing miracles can occur, help Christians affirm their faith. Christians also believe they can win converts more easily by explaining the miracles that Jesus performed. It is in the sense of what the miracles demonstrated. Although not the only pointer, they demonstrated who He was - the Son of God. They also demonstrated that God not only has power but that He cares for those in needs. Miracles are signs that demonstrate God’s underlying activity in the world and his purposes. They reveal God’s character and plan. Miracles performed by individuals illustrate the meaning and impact of their mission. While some miracle stories tell of apparently random demonstrations of power, most tell of events such as healing, rescuing, resurrection, conversion, and so on, and relate to the values of the religion and its understanding of God. Miracles are intended to support the development of religious faith. The performance of the miracle is supposed to demonstrate the truth of what the miracle worker says – the power to work the miracle shows the message comes from God. Miracles can be intended to generate conviction in particular individuals, or they can occur at a historical period in order to establish a religion generally. (Many Protestant Christians argued that God allowed and enabled miracles in the early church, but not since.) Miracle stories are intended to highlight revelation through scripture. The miracles confirm what else is said in scripture, and gives scripture God’s seal of approval. Jesus' miracles reveal much about his identity and his mission and purpose. The miracles of Jesus reveal his identity to us, showing us his authority. They link him with God. For example, when Jesus stills the storm in Mathew 8 his disciples question his identity, with the famous words, "Who is this man that even the wind and the waves obey

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