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Miracles Miracle: A seemingly impossible occurrence, usually good Theists use the term ‘miracle’ to refer to ‘an event performed by God that appears to break the laws of nature’. Some such miracles involve healing. Not all religious believers accept that miracles occur. Religious believers who accept the existence of miracles think that God performs them to teach people something about God, or to help them have greater faith. Buddhists don’t believe in God and think that everything happens through cause and effect (karma). There is a debate within Buddhism as to whether miracles occur at all. An event that appears to be miraculous may actually be caused by someone as the result of the stage of enlightenment they have reached. On 21 September 1995, a miracle happened at a Hindu temple in India that was shown on television throughout the world. The events began when a Hindu man dreamed that the God, Ganesha, wanted a drink of milk. He went to his local temple and told the priest, who offered a spoonful of milk to mouth of the stone image of Ganesha. To their surprise the milk disappeared. News spread throughout India of the event and people came from all over. Whenever a s spoonful of milk was offered to the image, the milk disappeared. The event was filmed and shown worldwide on television. Laws of Nature: Descriptions of how scientists expect nature to work. Miracles that break the laws of nature are events that don’t normally occur in nature, that break the laws of science as we know them. For example, Christians and Jews accept a miracle linked to the Israelite leader, Joshua in which the sun stands still. The sun standing still is not a natural occurrence, according to the book of Joshua, God made the sun stand still at Joshua’s request to give the Jews time to defeat their enemies is battle Miracles that are happy coincidences don’t break the

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