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The Miracle Worker Essay

  • Submitted by: deemsb
  • on March 16, 2008
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The Miracle Worker

Helen Keller was born to a family when slaves or servants were still used and when men were in charge. The discovery of her condition was not met with calm or joy. The beginning of The Miracle Worker (1962) shows a terrified mother screaming frantically when she discovers her daughter can’t see or hear.
Helen’s early childhood was one of ignorance and freedom. She lived by human instinct used to survive, but there was hope. She showed signs of great intelligence and an eagerness to learn. The only problem was she also exhibited characteristics of an extremely spoiled child.
In a last attempt to save her daughter from the confinements of an asylum, she pleaded with her husband to hire a teacher. So Anne Sullivan entered the scenario. Anne had had nine eye surgeries and knew the difficulties surrounding the fight to see and communicate.
Helen was Anne’s first pupil so it was quite a challenge to teach her. Helen had been spoiled. Helen should never have been allowed to run wild like she did; this did not help her, it made her spoiled and ornery. But Anne persisted and fought for the chance to teach Helen. It’s a good thing that Anne was stubborn and determined or Helen would’ve been sent to an asylum, she would’ve been a disgrace and never had done the thing she had done.
In the beginning, Anne treated Helen like any child just beginning to speak, like any parent teaching their child. As a deaf child, she received no scolding and became very spoiled and difficult to teach.
Anyone but Anne would’ve given up. But she knew that there was something special there, Helen was destined to do great things. With out the bond that Anne and Helen had, Helen would not be the martyr she is today.

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