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By being in a team you stop working as an individual and start working as a team to achieve your goals. In the film Miracle by Disney the USSR hockey team was better than the USA team because the USSR team had been a team for a long time, they got along and they had sorted out their differences a long time ago. The USA hockey team had come together recently and most of them had played against each other in their college hockey teams making them instant enemies. Being in a team means to forget what has happened in the past and to start a new friendship. You cannot achieve your goals as an individual; you can only achieve your goals when you work with other people instead of against them. A few years earlier McClanahan had pushed O’Callaghan making him fall over which caused him to lose a contract with a major league ice hockey team. O’Callaghan felt he needed to get revenge by pushing McClanahan and making him fall over, which resulted in a lot of embarrassment for McClanahan. It is bad to hold a grudge on a team mate, it is even worse to be selfish on the field. When you are on a team there are people to help you play and to support you, it is being selfish if you do not take the help and support and try to do everything by yourself. In Miracle we see players being selfish and trying to do everything by themselves. In one of the matches we see a player take the puck from USA’s side to the opposition’s side and score without sharing the puck around or use the help that the other players provide. When playing you must not be selfish and share the puck around, you must also know what team you play for. When you change teams you automatically become a part of your new team, you are no longer part of your old team. In miracle we see players saying that they play for their old team instead of the USA. After the 3-3 tie with Norway, Coach Herb asks his players “What team

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