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Former United States Olympian Ken Morrow has fond memories of his old hockey coach. “He was a great coach. He knew how to get the best out of us.” In the 2004 movie Miracle, Kurt Russell portrays the tough yet fair coach of the 1980 United States Olympic men’s ice hockey team, Herb Brooks. Throughout their lengthy training camp and into the Olympics, the players on the team despise their coach for many of his obscene antics and drills. However, the coach has a reason for all of his antics. His use of the rhetorical strategies pathos, ethos, and logos prove to his players that he knows what he is talking about. He generates a very emotional response from his players, and the players and the coach show mutual trust for each other. Whether it is a speech before, during, or after a game, or simply listening to his players, Herb Brooks knew how to get his team going. The response he generated from his players became one of the greatest sports moments in American history. The use of rhetoric gave the United States the miracle they were looking for. When Herb Brooks does not like what he is seeing during the game, he will make the team work after the game. During a game in Norway months before the Olympics started, the United States looked flat and unenthused. Coach Brooks even notices during certain points in the game that the team is more focused on pretty girls in the stands than the game itself (“Miracle”). Shortly after the game, which ended in a tie, Herb Brooks started insulting all of his players. On top of the insults, he made them do “Herbies.” To put it into perspective, two or three Herbies would be enough to make any professional hockey player tired. Coach Brooks made his players do a seemingly endless amount of Herbies, all while constantly yelling at them. This would be a turning point in the team’s chemistry. Herb Brooks knew something was wrong with his

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