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Charlie Jones In February of 1980 there was very little hope in America. The country was facing economic hardship and embarrassment, so to speak. In the late 1970s Vietnam had just ended; President Nixon had resigned; and the USSR had just invaded Afghanistan. In addition, 52 American hostages were taken in Iran which would be known as the Iranian Hostage Crisis. This was a time when Americans felt scared because they did not know what to expect, or if situations could get worse. Even the president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, spoke about a crisis in American confidence. When people turned on their televisions as a source of entertainment events like were what the people saw. A small town in upstate New York called Lake Placid would become host to the 1980 Olympic winter games. In the midsts of the Cold War, the nation would find hope in a “David vs. Goliath” type matchup. No one expected the USA hockey team to make the medal round. They were a huge underdog. In fact, NO team other than the Soviet Union had ever won the gold medal since before 1964. One man believed in a miracle! That man was Herb Brooks. He believed he had put together the greatest hockey team in the world. This team consisted of young amateur college players. The Soviet players had been playing together for the past 13 years and many were considered to be the best players in the world. On Friday February 22nd these two teams went to battle. Many thought that a game like this would be a cake walk for the Soviets… except for one man, Herb Brooks. In an arena filled to capacity (with mostly Americans) the American people had something to believe in, finally. Their presence helped spark the USA hockey team into action. Heading into the third period (with the Soviets up 3-2) the American team needed to act fast. Mark Johnson scored the tying goal putting the contest at a

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