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Miracle The story that the movie Miracle was based on created a sense of national pride in the United States during the early 1980’s. In this time during history, Russia was an extremely powerful nation and had an “unbeatable” hockey team. A United States Olympic team, with just a bunch of collegiate players was ready to face this exceptional team. The USA all-star team that included the greatest players in the NHL, was demolished by the Russian hockey team. Americans no longer had respect for or any faith in their government. To top it off the Communist expansion by Soviet Russia during these years was imminent and with this came the conspiracy of communism, as well as many other problems, within the United States government itself. America was in a recession and gave off the impression that it was no longer the superpower that was once respected. It would come to the surprise of everyone that a hockey game would be the reason that fueled Americans to become excited and proud of their country. During the time of the Cold War, Russia seemed to be unbeatable in a variety of different ways. When a collegiate team beats the soviets unexpectedly, the United States gained a sense of pride in the nation in that we beat the Soviets. The win against the Russians was not just a hockey match it was a statement that America can achieve and conquer the greatest power in the world at the time. It made people dignified that they were American. When something monumental happens the question is now asked, “Do you believe in miracles?” because of the win. During the game, people in the crowd started to chant, “U.S.A.!”, and that chant created a bond between all of the people in America, meaning that all of the people were together as one nation. Miracle is the exact word to describe the 1980 United States Olympics hockey team. This team is and will forever be one of

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