Mir, Bear, & Mesa on Italy Essay

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Final Project K-Box in Italy Prepared by: David Ortiz Prepared for: International Business Management Prof. Adam Cave Hankuk University of Foreign Studies October 9th 2012 Part 1: M.I.R Market Intelligence Report Basic Information: The official national name of Italy is Italian Republic. Source: CIA Factbook A citizen of Italy is properly referred to as a (n) Italian. Source: CIA Factbook Products or materials from Italy are referred to as Italian in origin. Source: CIA Factbook Demographics: The population of Italy is 61,261,254 (July 2012 est.) World Comparison 23. Source: CIA Factbook The population of Italy is growing at a rate of 0.38% per year (2012) World Comparison 157. Source: CIA Factbook The median age of the population of Italy is 43.8 years. Source: CIA Factbook The age structure of Italy is as follows: 0–14 years: 13.8% 15–64 years: 65.9% 65 years and older: 20.3% Source: CIA Factbook The urban/rural composition of the population of Italy is 68% urban / 32% rural (2010). Source: CIA Factbook The population (in percent) that each ethnic group comprises in Italy is: Italian (92.47%); Romanian (1.98%); North African (1.07%); Albanian (0.77%); Chinese (0.77%); Ukrainian (0.31%); Asian (non-Chinese) (0.83%); and other (2.30%), (2010). Source: Wikipedia The major languages spoken in Italy are: Italian, German, French and Slovene. Source: CIA Factbook Italian is the official language. Source: CIA Factbook The major religions of the country are: Christian 80% (overwhelming Roman Catholic with very small groups of Jehova Witnesses and Protestants), Muslims NEGL (about 700,000 but growing), Atheists and Agnostics 20% Source: CIA Factbook The life expectancy for residents of Italy is 81.86 years (2012) World Comparison 10. Source: CIA Factbook The fertility rate for women in Italy is 1.4

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