Minutes Of Glory / Night Women

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WRT 108 Minutes of Glory / Night Women Wanjuri finds herself trapped in an urban setting and is a victim of her situation and low esteem. “Minutes of Glory” is an emotional and touching story of this young woman who is battling with an identity problem and is seeking acceptance in a post-independence setting where men of the New Africa elite exploit women. On the other hand “Night Women” is about a single mother who is struggling to take care of her son. In order to provide for him, she takes on a job as a prostitute working during the night. Wanjuri, the main character in “Minutes of Glory”, is a victim of daily circumstances and low self-image, who is in search of self and approval. Wanjiru’s perception of herself appears to be a requisite for acceptance and belonging in her world. Obviously, she has engaged upon a journey in search of self since she desires to find the root cause of her isolation. Finding out the meaning of her name, searching from place to place, fantasizing, experiencing a surface relationship with a man and finally succeeding, constitutes her search. Told from a clear perspective, the story follows her experiences through bars around Limuru and also in Ilmorog. She is a school dropout because her parents lacked money. As a naive young rural woman desperate for employment, she falls prey to the deceit of an exploiter who promises to find her a job but, instead, dumps her after a one-night stand. Consequently, she finds herself trapped in a situation completely out to her experience leading to prostitution, a profession that is dehumanizing to womanhood. Differently from Wanjiru, “Mommy”, how her son calls her on “Night Women” feels trapped in between the day and night women from Ville Rose, taking men home and fulfilling her job around her sleeping son with only a curtain in between. “Minutes of Glory” starts by introducing the
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