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BINA JAYA SDN, BHD. Minutes of the Second Committee Meeting of the Bina Jaya Sdn. Bhd. Staffs held on Wednesday, 11 March 2009 at 3.00 p.m in the Company Meeting Room Present : Dato’ Miftah Masoud – Chairperson Datin Qasidah Kamar Mr Raquel Abdullah – Secretary Ms Shakira Ali Mr Ibnor Dato’ Hussaini Mr Tengku Shafiq Mr Tengku Shukran Ms Amira Farhana Azeez Mr Toh Lai Seng Mr Faizal Amin Absent: Mdm Sariah Mahmood 1. Chairperson’s Welcome Address The chairperson called the meeting to order at 3.00pm and welcomed all members. 2. Apologies for absence An apology for absence was received from Mdm Sariah Mahmood as her husband and two children were admitted in the hospital. 3. Minutes of the previous meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were read by all members. The following amendment was made: The main sponsor for the last family day was Terra Nova Inc. instead of Terror Nova Inc. As there were no other amendments, the minutes were then approved as a true record and signed by the chairperson. 4. Matters arising from the previous meeting Mr Faizal Amin announced the members that the Bina Jaya Futsal Club would start training the following week. He reminds the members to pay rental for courts. 5. Special business 1. Reducing the company’s expenditure The chairman informed all members that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss new policies and suggestions regarding ways to reduce the company expenditure. The following are the activities have been planned and discussed. 1. Overtime The chairperson announced that there would be no more overtime during the weekends. He further asserted that the weekdays overtime hours would also be reduced. 2. Maximum payable overtime hours per week

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