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Venus: Good morning everyone. Welcome to attend today meeting. First of all, congratulation to all of you because both of you have complete your six months internship in different hotels. During the previous six months, you may encountered some unusual communication situations or difficult people who can be your colleagues or guests. Today, I’d like you to share your cases in the hotel and lets us to find out some solutions and recommendations on how our THM students can be better equipped to deal with similar challenges in the future. Umm, Kate, I know you were a front desk receptionist in your placement and you have come across some difficult guests. Can you please share your cases to us? Kate: Sure. The first case I want to share was happened at 7:00 in the morning. The normal check in time for the hotel is 2p.m. However, a Chinese guest arrived the hotel at 7:00 a.m. and the rooms were fully booked last night and it was too early for the other guests to check out, so no rooms are ready for her. She felt disappointed when she was informed. She expected to have room when she checked in; she also said it was a normal practice in mainland China. I tried to explain the situation to her but she insisted to request for a room. I told her we could not sell the room to the guest unless the room is cleaned and inspected. She was furious and shouted at me. Finally, we called housekeeping department to clean a room for her. The guest totally waited at the front desk for an hour. Another case is that. The hotel has different types of rooms, one of them is harbor view room and another is deluxe harbor view room, the difference of this two types of room is deluxe harbor rooms have a full harbor view and more expensive, while harbor view rooms only have part harbor view and the room

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