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Minutes of Merry-Go-Round Saving Club Held at Little Green Hotel on December 16th, 2010, 5.00 P.M – 6.00 P.M Present: 1. Aleysia Agu - Chairperson 2. Yerilda Aimu 3. Sweetwaters Ciira 4. Snockers Cuma 5. Senicla Iregi 6. Rose Ithanga 7. Orphillia Kembu – Secretary/taking minutes 8. Nolicia Maina 9. Morgina Mamba 10. Lauretta Manduti 11. Katherine Manjiri 12. Juliana Mathathi 13. Holly Muthurui - Treasurer 14. Hagenild Mwaitu 15. Grecia Mwangi 16. Fortune Ndemi 17. Estrilda Thagicu 18. Desiree Wachuka 19. Darling Wagicugu 20. Claricia Wambeere Absent with Apology 1. Amada Wandia 2. Flandrina Tene Absent without Apology – None (You may or may not include this due to its sensitivity). The meeting opened at 5.00 P.M. with a prayer by Morgina Mamba. This was followed by members introducing themselves. 1. Welcome Note by Chairlady (i). Aleysia Agu, the chairperson, welcomed everyone. The chairlady said that advanced notice was sent to members informing them on the date, time, and venue of the meeting and therefore she expected every member to turn out on time so that we can discuss our serious businesses without wasting valuable time. Action: All to Take Note (ii). The chairlady was grateful that two new members, Fortune Ndemi and Desiree Wachuka have joined the Merry-Go-Rounds Saving Club. The chairlady went on to ask members to continue introducing more new members to join the club which is a women’s microfinance that provides rotating savings and credit to its members thus empowering them. Action: All to Take Note (iii). The chairlady told the new members that in Merry-Go-Rounds Saving Club, each member contributes $50 in each meeting which is held fortnightly. In each meeting, one member is picked at random to take home the total amount of cash contributed from all the

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