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History In 1865, William G. Morgan came up with an idea to combine some of the elements of sports such as basketball, tennis, handball, and baseball. William took a tennis net and placed it 6 feet 6 inches high. At this time, William called this game “Mintonette”. This game was invented in Holyoke, Massachusetts, where William lived. While playing a game of Mintonette, somebody told William that the players looked like they were “volleying the ball back and forth”, and said “volleyball” may be a more proper name for this sport. The first official game of Volleyball was played at Springfield College on July 7, 1896. Since then, there have been several different additions, adjustments, and rules made for Volleyball. The first addition was…show more content…
There are three different court markings. There are the Court Boundary Lines, which surround most of the playable court. The Center Line, which is the line under the net and divides the court into equal sides. And the Attack Lines, which are placed on both sides of the court and are one third the distance away from the Center line, and between that and the Boundary lines. There are five different zones and areas. These are the Service Zone, Substitution Zone, Front Zone, Warm-up Area, and Team Area. The height of the net is 7 feet and 4 inches high. The ball is typically 2 feet and 2 inches in circumference. The areas of play are known as the Playing Area, which is the playable court within the Boundary lines. The Nonplaying Area, which is outside of the Boundary lines and is playable if a player makes contact with the ball outside of the boundary. And in some cases, Adjacent Courts, typically if there is a tournament being played, then the Court next to the game can be treated like a Nonplaying Area, but only if there is no game being played there. There are four different types of Obstacles and Obstructions. There are the Obstacles to Play, which are things like walls and bleachers and would be out of bounds. The Divider Nets, which are used if there are adjacent courts, are out of bounds. There are Overhead Obstructions, which is when the ball hits the ceiling or any overhead object at any time, and is out of bounds. And Nonplayer Interference, which is when any person interferes with the ball and is then replayed. It is not replayed though, if substitutes interfere with teammate’s effort. The rules of Team Players is that there are six players on each side. There can also be Substitutes that must stand in the designated Warm-up Area. The Playing Captain is made and kept as the captain the whole time. They are the only ones who can address the referee. The Coaches are in charge of each team and

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