Minority Report

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What sort of world is in this movie? Minority Report is set in 2054 and is a science fiction, action film. This world is extremely advanced, dark and technology based, with people using it almost 24/7 in their lives. It centres around a new and experimental branch of the police, the ‘Precrime’ division which tracks murders about to happen with the aid of three psychics who can see the future. This world is very different to the world we live in today. We think our world is advanced. We have computers, mobile phones, iPods and so on, but when we look at the world in Minority Report we realise that our world is nothing compared to this. We see these batman like cars gliding along the sides of buildings and roads, eye scanning techniques to check people’s identity and ear pieces instead of phones. However the biggest change is the ‘Precrime’ system in which 3 psychics can predict who will commit a crime before they actually commit it. A group of police offers then magically ‘seem to’ fall from the sky and arrest that person. When we first look at this system, we think perfect world isn’t it? No murders, no violence, nothing bad could happen. However is it right to convict someone of something before they actually do it? Someone might have the slightest thought about doing something wrong like murder, maybe not even meaning it and all of a sudden they’re put into prison for life. It’s clear that this world is assorted from the world we live in today but the people seem to have a lack of freedom, knowing that their every move is being watched by the police and that their identity is known to everybody. It definitely seems like an unrealistic world to us but we don’t know what the future holds, our world could end up like this some time.

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