Minority Report

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Minority Report The film is called Minority Report and the script was written by John Cohen which was developed from the short story by Philip K.Dick. The Justice Department in Washington has found a way to prevent crime. With the help of three Pre Cogs – who are able to see the future – the staff of the unit are able to arrest people before they commit the crime. Chief John Anderton is the director of the unit but is later ‘set up’ by the man whose idea the unit was, Lamar Burgess. Dr. Iris Hineman worked with Burgess on setting up the Pre-Crime Unit and knows about the history of the Pre-cogs. Anderton believes that she may have the answers to his questions. There is a continuous reference to sight in the greenhouse scene when Anderton meets Hineman for the first time. The theme of sight links right throughout the script: whether it’s in reference to the Pre-cogs being able to see into the future or the simple fact of Hineman’s first name of Iris. Now I will look at the greenhouse scene in Minority Report, in order to see how the relationships between Anderton and Dr. Iris Hineman are presented. This is the most important scene in this film. Anderton goes in search of Dr Iris Hineman for help because he knows that she has got all knowledge about Pre-Crime. When he went to her he was injured by Hineman’s Doll’s Eye plant-another reference to sight. Dr. Hineman said to Anderton that he must drink her potion but he doesn’t want to drink. She told him that if he didn’t he soon wouldn’t be able to swallow, and then “you will be totally buggered.” He drank her potion and boldly asked her straightway” how someone could fake a prevision.” She avoids his questions and does not give him clear answers. Anderton has to keep asking Hineman questions to keep her on track. Anderson asked Hineman again but, she told him that no one can help him, and

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