Minority Report

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Can something exist without being perceived? In Minority Report directed by Steven Spielberg, everyone has the freedom to choose whether to go down the path laid before him or her or to choose again and change the course of that path. John Anderton is the chief of Precrime. At Precrime they use future visions generated by three "precogs", mutated humans with precognitive abilities, to stop murders. The people who will commit a crime have no free will; their future is determined. But for the police who know the future, they believe that they can prevent a crime they know will be committed. The police can stop murders before they happen. Anderton has absolute faith in the system until he finds out he is the next future murderer. I believe that man is naturally greedy and self-centered, causing him to commit violent acts against others in an attempt to achieve his desires. The human failure to predict the future is epistemological, which means simply that our failure to predict what is to come is associated to a failure to know something that is simply knowable. If the future is actually a thing already laid out fully formed in some fourth dimension, we are merely playing out roles that we are forced upon. John acknowledges the apparent dilemma of Precrime, but he doesn’t consider it a dilemma right away. It is not a problem to imprison people who would have been considered innocent under the old post-crime legal system, since they haven’t actually committed a crime, because they certainly would have committed a crime if given the chance. How did Lamar’s idea for John to kill Leo Crow become part of John’s future? Did the Precogs predict it because it was going to happen, or did it happen because the Precogs predicted it? This is a question that is difficult to answer but I think that it was fate; the Precogs predicted it because it was already set in place with

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