Minority Report

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MINORITY REPORT, Steven Speilberg's $130 million futuristic thriller, melds two disparate genres onto an extremely clever premise to create a unique cinematic experience. Based on the 1958 short story by visionary scifi author Philip K. Dick, MINORITY REPORT is the complex tale of a crime prevention bureau known as Precrime in 2054 Washington D.C. We are introduced to Precrime chief John Anderton (Tom Cruise), who starts his morning at work with the task of tracking down and apprehending a homicidal cuckold before he commits a grisly crime. With the aide of a trio of psychics entombed in a high-tech chamber in the bowels of the Precrime headquarters, Anderton and his team sort through "previsions" the psychics have tapped into regarding this future crime. In a breathless bit of futuristic detective and police work, Anderton and his Precrime officers make yet another arrest of a future crime that was foretold to happen, yet is prevented by this controversial, yet highly effective system. Enter government investigator Danny Witwer, assigned to report on the inner workings of Precrime on the eve of the bill that could take the program nationally. Couple this with Anderton's loss of his son to a kidnapper previous to his joining Precrime,and his use of illegal narcotics, Anderton suddenly finds himself in the key role as the homicide perp of the next Precog vision. Anderton is off and running, as is the film, staying one-step ahead of Witwer and the Precops as he tries to unravel a murder he's sure isn't in his

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