Minority Report

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Minority Report is the story of John Anderton and his struggles to come to grips with both his past and his future. He is initially introduced as a police officer with the pre-crimes division, and seems to be an upstanding man and outstanding officer. Through the course of the story, it is revealed, that he has flaws and vices, due to the loss of his son some years previous. These include an addiction to the drug neuroin, and over-zealousness when it comes to stopping crime. The division of pre-crime, a very new development in the world of police work, centers around the three "precogs", Agatha, Arthur, and Dashiell. Individuals, who, as a result of being born to women addicted to neuroin, the same drug Anderton himself is addicted to, can see the future in visions or dreams, They are kept in their “temple” secluded from everyone, except their care taker, Wally, who keeps them complacent and immobile with a combination of drugs, including dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. When the precogs see a vision of a murder, the officers of the pre-crime division are dispatched to stop the murder, and arrest the individual before the crime actually occurs. The main conflict of the story begins as a new vision is seen by the precogs. This vision shows the main character, John Anderton, murdering another man, Leo Crow. It is this vision that puts Anderton on the run, in an effort to prove the vision wrong, and leads to his kidnapping Agatha, one of the precogs, and the discovery of the flaw in the precrime system. The inherent flaw within the pre-crime system is that, made aware of their future, those seen in the precogs visions can make choices to change the expected outcome. For example: if there is a hole in front of a person on the path on which they are walking, the foreseeable future is that they will fall into the hole. However, if they see, or are made aware

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