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Minority Essay

  • Submitted by: readwll
  • on February 3, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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By the time the high school class of 2010 has children old enough to attend college, America will look remarkably different. This generation is far and above the most ethnically and racially diverse generation ever; soon, whites will not be the majority group. In fact, 2010 marked the first time citizens can report more than one race on their census form. America truly is being “Browned” into a more culturally diverse country. Latinos in the federal government show less progress than other groups this is due partly to the   poor communication between the government and the Latino community.   Job seeking practices of the government revolve around networks and Latinos are not as qualified on a whole as some races because they have the highest High School dropout rates of the nation. Possibly the biggest reason for their lack of growth is that the Latino community is the youngest in the nation, with one third of all Latinos being under the age of 18.  
Given that Latinos have the highest dropout rate surely adds to the fact that they have the largest youth gang representation in the country. Education plays a big part in contributing to these youths going on the wrong path. The main reason though is the influx of illegal immigrants that come into the country, imagine coming over to the United States with no means to survive and then presented with the “get rich quick” mentality that most immigrants legal or illegal salivate about. They quickly get fascinated with quick cash, notability and the gangster lifestyle. The biggest and most notable faction is the MS-13 gang, aka Mara Salvatrucha 13; they are one of the most violently dangerous gangs in the United States and one of the most organized.   The MS-13 gang has   factions, located throughout the United States and is unique in that it retains is ties to its El Salvador counterparts.   With cliques all over the United States, and several other South American countries, the MS-13 gang is truly "international" and on...

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