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The group in the US who are treated unfairly are young men. They are considered a minority because they don’t have the chance as women have. When young men get to the age to start driving, they need insurance. Well, insurance is higher for a 18 year old young man than it is for a young lady. Why? Because they think men are more crazy on the road? This isn’t fair, they are being targeted because they are male, all people are not the same. What about college, now a days getting a college degree is very important. When people are applying for scholarships, women have there own they can apply for that men cant. They also have more chances to get them. This year, almost twice as many women as men will earn bachelor’s degrees. When boys start to look into college, the very first thing they see are the colleges’ brochures and websites, with far more pictures of women and minorities. This shows that they don’t care about males, this discourages them from even applying. In the 2007 college graduation class, 58% were women, 42% men, a very big change from just two decades ago. Today, to even get a decent job you need a bachelor’s degree. This is a disaster for men For the same work, women typically earn at least as much as men.They see an endless array of pink ribbons to fight breast cancer. But where are the ribbons for prostate cancer or for early heart attack, which kills, early, many more men? Men die 5 1/2 years younger than women and live their last decade in worse health, yet only pink ribbons increase greatly. And the heart disease ads are all about women and heart disease. I think we need to change and make things fair; women and men should have the same right for school, work, and also everything else like car insurance. We are in the time of the world that we need to stop the unfairness; we fought to help other countries. Like when Hitler was killing large number of

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